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Collectiosn of Horror PC Games 2016

Posted on September 5, 2016  in Game PC

For you lovers of horror stuff, you should not miss to play some PC games below. this game is very fun to play and make your adrenaline to be up because in the middle of the game you will usually get a shock that will make you feel shocked when playing. This horror game is a game genre created to adrenaline by presenting many surprises that makes the player will be shocked. Additionally, this game often creates mystique in every game. Typically, this game genre presents a theme monster or a ghost with a black background and at night.

Collectiosn of Horror PC Games 2016

Dungeon Nightmares

This game tells the story of a night time when you will go to sleep, you find yourself in an endless nightmare. You have to walk to find items such as candles that will be used to illuminate your path. However, you should be careful because you are not alone there. You have to survive every night in order to find more clues about the nightmare that you experience. This is a very interesting game and brings you in an exciting and thrilling experience.

Collectiosn of Horror PC Games 2016

Lumber Island

Other PC games that have the horror genre is Lumber Island, which is set in the 1970s when you’re having fun on a luxury cruise ship until one day you suddenly woke up and stranded on a remote island that has abandoned its original inhabitants. Island with timber wealth has strange phenomena. In this case, you have to try to fend for yourself and to solve the mystery of the uninhabited islands to run away from the supernatural and managed to get out of the island by the circumstances of life.

Collectiosn of Horror PC Games 2016


In this game, players can find himself in a secret base in Greenland and looking for his lost father. It is a blend of adventure games and horror and emphasize in puzzle solving and exploration. You must be prepared to deal with it later even without weapons. In this game, players can interact with objects in a way more fresh. Each object creates sound and its own unique character.


Outlast Whistleblower

You will play as Waylon Park in this game. He is a software engineer under contract Murkoff. Waylon spent several weeks in Mount Massive in which he could not speak even with his wife and children for their strict safety protocols. Waylon developed a deep suspicion of leading scientists and physicians who perform a dangerous experiment and are not accountable to patients for profit. You should be able to solve the mystery.


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