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4 Very Recommended Adventure PC Games 2016

Posted on September 7, 2016  in Game PC

Adventure games are one type of PC games serving a variety of action in an adventure where the player must have the skills and fast reaction to avoid enemies or obstacles. Lovers of the genre of this game is also very much in various circles. When you are looking for recommendations on some adventure games for the PC, the following are some of the best gaming options that make it worth to be recommended.

4 Very Recommended Adventure PC Games 2016

Watch Dogs

This game presents a stunning graphical display, gameplay with the theme of hacking that has never been reached by any franchise, as well as game characters that look powerful and outstanding. This game tells about a future scenario where all the smart devices can be controlled in an integrated operating system. All the services you need from financial data, health, and life virtual world can move in a software foundation. This adventure game use highlights technological advances in the future.

4 Very Recommended Adventure PC Games 2016

Tom Clancy’s the Division

This game encapsulates almost all genres of games ranging from adventure, shooter, RPG, until the action. This game offers an action adventure, written by gunshot. This game is also quite show the impression of next-gen. This game is a multiplayer game that shall be combining the experience of cooperative and competitive at the same time. This adventure game is exciting and challenging.

4 Very Recommended Adventure PC Games 2016

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

This game performs a new adventure of an Assassin. Full graphics in this game shows the use of a new engine of the next-gen. This game also comes with a variety of new things. Gameplay is presented also new to the story that has a new groove. It will be an adventure game with new shades, which you have never met, in the previous series.

4 Very Recommended Adventure PC Games 2016

Sleeping Dogs

Game that was released around 2012 is apparently still offers its own excitement at the heart of the lover. You will play Wei Shen be in this game in which he was an undercover detective and entered into a most dangerous criminal organization.This game is also a little different from other open-world games because it uses a different place settings in Hongkong. This game also presents a blend of races, close combat, and gunfire that makes this game more colorful. Game included in the action-adventure genre this will provide a better experience in a game.

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