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List of Best Shooter Games for PC 2016

List of Best Shooter Games for PC 2016

Posted on September 8, 2016  in Game PC, Shooter Games for PC

Almost all gamers love this type of game. This game presents a test of foresight eyes and hands of the players in the target and shoots your opponent. This game type like almost all people because the games offered a very exciting and challenging. Through this game, you can become a hunter in catching terrorists or others. Of course, the game play is much needed flair eye and hand speed to achieve success. Are you interested in playing this type of game is this? Here are some PC games in the list of the best shooter games in 2016:

List of Best Shooter Games for PC 2016

Call of Duty: Black OPS III

This game presents the story of the battle field were hot, filled with modern weapons, and lethal. This is the second series game that has a system of co-op campaign so that two to four players can do missions together. This game uses the settings in the year 2065 in which a great power in the world was divided into two alliances for their drone attacks Raul Menendez at 40 years ago. At that time, the technology has been highly developed. The use of robots and unmanned fleet replacing most of the human role in a war. Players can play Black OPS team members of the CIA who will investigate the whereabouts of their missing colleague in Singapore. This PC game is exciting and challenging to play.

List of Best Shooter Games for PC 2016


Battleborn is a game that tells about life in the distant future in which one of the hopes of the universe will experience a collapse. The new soldiers put aside their differences in confronting the threat of unstoppable. You will choose from a number of tough and strong heroes to fight alongside your friends through the narrative-driven co-op campaign or fight against them in the multiplayer competitive and fast-paced.

List of Best Shooter Games for PC 2016


In this game, you come up with one reason. Union Aerospace Corporation’s Mars were overwhelmed to face the demons that truly powerful. Moreover, there’s only one person that stands between our world and theirs. As Ione of Doom Marine, you are enabled to do the one thing that is killing them all. This game presents feature single player and multiplayer. In addition, SnapMap also available in this game to support your game with your friends becomes more exciting and challenging

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