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Hitman Episode 3, the Thrilling Murder of Marrakech

Hitman Episode 3, the Thrilling Murder of Marrakech

Posted on September 10, 2016  in Game PC, Hitman Episode 3

The Hitman Episode 3 took different setting, which is Marrakech, the damaged city on the precipice of collapse. You play as Agent 47 who has job to control the situation.


Like the first two levels, the episode 3 is still inventive, daft and fun. However, here you have a more legitimate reason to remove all the bad guys. Hitman Episode 3’s target is corrupt Swedish businessman namely Claus Stranberg and Reza Zaydan, a general whom manipulating civil unrest for his own advantages. You will be shown the reason why you need to kill those two bad guys.

Hitman Episode 3, the Thrilling Murder of Marrakech

Marrakech is the combination of Paris and Sapienza. The crammed marketplace is a great environment where you will find colorful and buzzle place. The Swedish embassy is a sterile, cool challenge where you will constantly feel under scrutiny.


However, the difference between those two places are not just cosmetic. Both places challenge your skill in distinct ways. You will be difficult to dispose people in the crowded streets. While in the embassy, you stand out and look different from other people. These contrasting approaches are in every level, but the clean divide makes the city of Marrakech feel unusually generous. Yet, it is also the hardest level. It is going to be agony when the target appears in front of you.


The hits themselves are great. You will find the general forces are hiding in an abandoned school. When you are in, the choice is overwhelming. However, the joy does not just come from how you can plan a perfect hit, but it is also about how you solve the problems when all plans you have made failed.


Most players said that the most impressive thing about the game is the difference challenge on each level. The city of Marrakech feels fresh because of its tense. However, it still offers the same fleeting chances for creative assassination. Many people who have playing the game said that the Hitman Episode 3 is giving different challenges. They also said that the environment is really unique and needs different approaches. So, if you want to feel the joy of become a professional killer, play Hitman Episode 3.

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