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Complex Character of the Vampire Surgeon on Vampyr

Complex Character of the Vampire Surgeon on Vampyr

Posted on September 11, 2016  in Complex Character of the Vampire Surgeon on Vampyr, Game PC

London 1918 is in the grip of Spanish flu pandemic. Jonathan Reid whom is a surgeon is trying to find the cure for the case. Reid, the protagonist of Vampyr is a healer, a researcher, an investigator and also a vampire.

Because of that condition, the doctor has a dual identity; he helps people but he also has a biological imperative to feed on them. Dontnod’s Vampyr is an RPG, where traditional progress is inextricably linked to murder.

Complex Character of the Vampire Surgeon on Vampyr

When Jonathan Reid chooses to kill people, the death of the NPC brings a ripple effect, which is changing the ecosystem of London. Each victim leaves the altered and the consequences cannot be avoided.

Vampyr’s narrative director, Stephane Beauverger explains,”One way or the other, a crime committed by the player will be revealed sooner or later. There is no murder without consequences for the hero. The world will and must react to player choices.”

Jonathan Reid can be a vigilante. Regardless of what path players take him down, it is a little bit unpleasant and a sinister. When Reid mesmerizes his victims and guides them to a dark alley, where he will open the victim’s neck and drink blood, it is unnerving no matter the justification.

As fallen humans, all vampires have many ways to deal with their new nature. Some of the vampires are merciless killers but some are trying to restrain themselves from becoming monsters. There are also some vampires who try to do something good but also kill other humans to survive.

Aside from his vampire tricks, Jonathan Reid can also use weapons in a fight. Player can use modules that can be crafted to make the weapons more effective. Weapon crafting seems to be a strange option in the game, especially because the protagonist is a surgeon. But the narrative justification said that at the time, be a surgeon meant to be something of an engineer.

Despite all of the vampire-slaying and blood-sucking, it is Jonathan Reid’s role a surgeon that sounds the most intriguing. His internal conflict makes him more complex because he eats people around the city but also killing other vampires in order to save the world.

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