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Connecting Game Controller to PC

Connecting Game Controller to PC

Posted on September 14, 2016  in Connecting Game Controller to PC

Gaming industry is developing so well within last few years. Gamers are often look for something new to improve their joy, one of the options they usually use is game controller. Not just console gamers, but also they who love playing with PC. Though video game consoles are so popular, there are many people who choose PC games.


Playing PC games with controller gives another experience and different feel. That is why many gamers like controlling the game they play with controllers. Connecting game controller to the PC is not difficult. The Xbox 360 wired controller is the best option to use because it connects with a USB plug. You just have to plug it in to your PC via USB port and use it for playing the games you love.

Connecting Game Controller to PC

Before you can use the controller, you need to download the software first. The software works with almost all OS you use in your PC. If you have found the source of the software, select your game controller, the operating system of your PC and your language. Last, confirm that you want to download the software.


Download the software and install it once you have finished the downloading process. You may be asked to restart the pc. Then, connect your game controller to the PC by plugging it through the USB port. Click the “start” button to make sure that the controller works. Open the Control Panel, click “Printers and Other Hardware” and then select “Game Controllers”. Choose the Xbox controller and then click the button to make sure that the controller is registering on your PC.


Next, load up the PC game you want to play. Select the “options” menu in the game you play and go to the controls section for doing some customizations. Select the Xbox controller as your input device and then map the commands to the position you want on the game controller. If all steps above have been done correctly, now you can start playing your favorite game with controller.


With game controller you have the total control to the game. You do not have to confuse with keyboard or mouse because every movement can be controlled with the controller.

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