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Mini Games Online – Kill Times while Exercising Your Brain

Posted on October 20, 2016  in PC Games

Mini games online is now inseparable part of life of so many people. Accessing internet is now very easy using computers so it is not a hard thing to play mini games. With the fast growth of mobile technology, many people could easily play mini games online on their smartphone or tablet. Some mini games are playable right on the browser, while the others require us to download app to play it.


Variation of Mini Games

Mini games are available in wide range of variants. The types are including shooting, racing, bricks, cards, boards, adventure, and so much more. Many games are computerized traditional games. The games that our parents played on the soil, the wall, on the table such as tic tac toe, solitaire, chess, etc are now available on the screen to be played with keyboard, touchpad, or touchscreen.


Many mini games use popular characters as the main character for the games. Almost all characters from popular animation movies are made into games. Animals are also very common to be used as characters for mini games. Cat and dog are the most popular animals for mini games. The other animals are including birds, rabbits, bears, snakes, horses, chickens, cows, bees, and more. Of course, some games use human characters. From baby to adult characters are there.


So many themes are used in the mini games. From nature, to sports, to technology, to space science, you can find any theme that you like. Sometime, one game may available in various themes. You play the same but the background is different that make the feel different.


Free Online Mini Games

Most mini games online available in the market is free. You do not have to pay to play the game. When it playable on your browser, you can play it right away without even pay a penny. If you need to download some app to play, it will only cost you internet connection. They will not charge to play the game. Some free games are fully free while the others come with time limitation. Limitation means there would be time limit for you to play it free. When your time is over, you may need to do something or pay something so you can play again.


There are also free games that require membership. The membership is free but you commonly need to provide some contacts, commonly email, for them to send adds. In different case, they may ask you to fill some survey before you can play the game. This kind of games is a bit uncomfortable but at least you do not have to pay anything to play the game.


Play Anytime and Anywhere

Mini games are lite and simple, yet fun games. Mostly, it does not require high spec computer so you do not have to use gaming computer to play it. You can even play it with entry-level computer and almost any smartphone. Thus, it give you flexibility to play it anywhere and anytime with your mobile gadget.  However, some mini games may only playable with particular OS. When you want to play online mini games, check the supported OS. If your OS does not support, you should not worry. There are so many other options in the market.


Since this is online games, you need to ensure your gadget is connected to internet. If somehow your connection is cut in the middle of the game, your game will be end as well. If you connect to internet again, you likely need to start the game from the beginning. If the game involving levels, it may give you a bad time. Therefore, ensure you have a good connection before you play.


Kill Time While Exercising Brain

When we wait for someone or something, or we do not have anything to do, playing mini games is perfect to kill time. Mini games are usually completed less than 10 minutes. Some games even need to be completed less than one minute. Mini game does not require consistency and commitment. We can play anytime and the result would be for that one time. The result of previous games will not affect the next games. It will only affect high score list.


A part of getting rid the bore and stress from your head; mini games are actually good to exercise your brain. Many mini games are including math, logic, memory, fast thinking, reflex, etc. Depend on the type of the games; it may be helpful in exercising your motoric, logic, memory, and more. This kind of games, which contain education, is good for children.


Online Mini Games inside an Online Game

When you play an online game, the game may contain some mini games. The mini games are available for you to play as part of the main game. The mini games are commonly in the form of a mission you should completed in order to get some gift. Sometime, you need to play mini games to earn coins or resources that you will need it in the main game.


Mini games inside an online game could be in various types. Sometimes, the mini games are related to the main games. For example, the main game is about petting a cat and the mini games involve cat as well. Sometime, the mini games could be totally different from the main games. For example, the main game is building a city while the mini games are math or shooting bubbles.


Be Careful with Addiction

Although the games are short and do not require continuous play, mini games could make you addict to it. Simplicity sometimes makes us want to play it again and again because it is so fun and make us smile. Although simple, some games require skills to win it. It creates challenge that drives you to play it until you win. In addition, so many variants make you want to try each game and could not stop until you try them all.


In order to prevent addiction, you need to know when to stop. Using a alarm could help to remind you to stop. When you have another free time, you can play again and have fun

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