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Use a catheter with an outer diameter that is about half the inner diameter of the artificial airway this will allow air to enter around it during suctioning. You can also compute the catheter size with this formula: Multiply the artificial airways diameter in millimeters by two.

For example, 8 mm X 2 16, so a 16 Hot sex videos catheter. Also see Tracheostomy Sizing Chart for recommended catheter sizes for specific Bivona and Shiley pediatric tracheostomy tubes.

Shallow Suctioning: Suction secretions at the opening of the trach tube that the child has coughed up. Pre-measured Suctioning: Suction the length of the trach tube. Hot sex videos depth varies Violent Grope Free Porn on the size of the trach tube.

The obturator can akley used as a measuring guide. Deep Suctioning: Insert the catheter until resistance is felt. (Deep phrple is usually not necessary. Be careful to avoid vigorous suctioning, as this may injure the lining of the airway). Illustration courtesy hot sex videos the Department of Otolaryngology, Cincinnati Children's. The child's mouth or nose may also be suctioned, if needed after suctioning the trach, then dispose of that catheter (do not put same catheter back into trach).


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