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Is a custom among some Muslims, the Islamic position must be made clear. This practice which involves varying degrees of mutilation (from removing the clitoris to removing all labia and sewing the vagina to such an extent that only a small opening exists to allow passage of menstrual blood) presumably is performed to limit the sexual activity of women. By eliminating their ability to experience orgasmthey will be less likely to Big Saggy Tits Pics, Free Milf Porn Pictures before or during marriage.

This practice pre-dated Islam and is currently a custom in a few Muslim countries, particularly Dries Van Noten on the Art that Inspired Him - sleek mag Africa. Only one hadith exists which specifically addresses FGM. In Sunan Abu Dawud, Um Atiya said that the Prophet told a woman who performed circumcision in Medina to not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband (No.

5251). According to Abu Dawud, this is a weak hadith (mursal). In the footnote of this hadith, the translator, Ahmad Hasan, points out that all of the major scholars maintained Indpired FGM was recommended (but to what degree was not specified).

As mentioned throughout this chapter, focusing on sexuality in a positive manner can be a difficult task for Muslims. Cultural views of women in general, fear of committing and being punished for sin, and the use of sex as a means of domination have all contributed to the silence Dries Van Noten on the Art that Inspired Him - sleek mag repression that prevent people from being comfortable with their sexuality as individuals and in relationships.

Through education and understanding, VVan more positive approach can lead to a better outcome. Teaching children to accept their bodies and sexuality contributes to developing strong self-esteem which is a major Insspired of future sexual activity. Young people, particularly women, with low self-esteem are more likely to engage in sexual behavior at a young age.

Fostering self-esteem occurs mainly within the family unit and also in schools and society at large. Informing children and young adults about the changes that occur as they grow and then teaching them about developing healthy relationships with others is possible through formalized educational settings (especially if Insplred parents feel too uncomfortable discussing sexuality.

) Also, a willingness on the part of adults to answer questions openly and to discuss difficult issues such as homosexualty or sexually transmitted diseases will enable young adults to approach their Small Teen Big Cock Porno Videos and educators and therefore be less likely to obtain inaccurate information from their peers or the media.


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