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Thanks. It met for the first time, 16 January 1996, and is chaired by Gennadii N. Seleznev. The State Duma is the lower house of the Federal Porno Big Tube- Hclips, video hot, sesso film gratis pagina 6, the parliament of the Russian Federation.

The first Duma elections took place on 12 December 1993, simultaneously with the adoption of the new Constitution. The Duma is elected for four years, but may be dismissed by the President under conditions stipulated in the Constitution.

Elections to the first convocation of the State Duma were set by presidential decree No. 1400 of 21 September 1993, that dissolved the Congress of People's Deputies and Supreme Soviet. As an exception contained in the transitional provisions of the Constitution, the first convocation was elected for a two year term.

The first convocation was elected on 12 December 1993, held its first Free HD Julia Roberts Young Hot Pictures Video Tube session on 11 January 1993, and met for the last time on 22 December 1995. Ivan P. Rybkin served as Free HD Julia Roberts Young Hot Pictures Video Tube first Chairman of the Duma, from 14 January 1994 to 17 January 1996.

Gennadii N. Seleznev has served as Chairman since 17 January 1996. The Duma's four year term runs out on 17 December 1999, but the Duma retains its powers until the next convocation begins work. If the Duma is not dismissed early, the next convocation should be elected on 19 December 1999 and begin work 18 January 2000.

Unofficially, the First Duma convocation was also called "the fifth State Duma", hearkening to the Tsarist era institutions that existed from 1906-1917. The current Duma is occasionally referred to as the "sixth Duma".


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