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Spoiled and raped

The sale of girls from rural areas into these torture вpalaces of pleasure,в a massive increase in child prostitution, and AIDS. Cambodian police this year have arrested at least 12 foreigners on charges of sexually abusing children - more than twice the amount snagged all of How to make money with your penis - Mens Health year.

In addition to three Americans, they've caught four Germans, an elderly Swiss man, a Belgium national, and moneyy least three Vietnamese nationals who helped the foreigners procure children. Deep in the Cambodian FISTING =Hard Deep Penetration in HD hundreds of miles from the city and years behind the modern world the life of a 13-year-old girl seems simple. But for Sophon (not her real name) life wasn't always so sweet.

Her country, Cambodia, has the distinction of being Asia's sex trafficking capital. Like many young girls, Sophon was sold into prostitution by her own, desperately poor family when she was just six years old. Thyda looks like any other young girl в only sheвs lived through trauma most of us could never imagine.

At the age of 12 she was told that Men needed to make money in order to buy medicine for her sick grandfather. Because she was considered to be very beautiful, her mother sold her to a friend for 300.


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