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Winking at me, Jane knelt beside the tub, Mobile Freevideos Of Beautiful Female Throats Slashed - Sexy Tube Videos into the water, with her open palm toward me.

The first three fingers of her hand curled forward as she approached my pussy. She said, "These are the Skashed to your vagina," touching them gently with her fingers. We watched together as she fondled me.

She said, "I call my vagina a pussy, too. Some peopleпguys mainlyпcall it a cunt; Sfxy I find that word harsh, crude--not right.

Pussy sounds soft and lovingпwhich is exactly what this is," she said, lightly touching my pussy. As her fingers stroked my pussy, she said "You have outer lips and inner lips; I do, too.

" She touched them as she spoke. Then, as we both watched, she inserted the tip of her middle finger into my pussy. "Above your pee hole, you have a remarkably sensitive and sweet clitoris. I call it a clitпbecause it's short and sweet and sounds cute, like it is. I like clits," she said proudly.


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