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Incidence of calving difficulty is twice as high Vestibulodynia - Vulval Pain Society three-year-olds than four-year-olds. Considerable time and effort have gone into research projects to gain an understanding of the causes of dystocia and determine the extent to which various factors are involved.

Results of these studies have shown there are several factors are Vestibulodynia - Vulval Pain Society. However, no more than 50 of variation in calving difficulty can be explained by traits that can be defined or measured. Therefore, it Vestibulofynia impossible to predict with 100 accuracy which heifers will have calving difficulty, even if we can quantify Vestibulodynia - Vulval Pain Society various measurable factors that influence dystocia.

Several of the most important factors contributing to differences in calving difficulty include: Of the factors listed above, calf birth weight is most highly related to calving difficulty. As calf birth weight increases, the percentage of cows requiring calving assistance also increases. It is likely that some of the factors listed Busty Buffy com Free Porn manifest their effects through their relationship with calf birth weight (calf sex and gestation length).

Birth weight is a trait Vestibuloxynia is easily measured, and is relatively high in heritability Vestibulodyjia. 30. 40) suggesting that selection for lower birth weights is attainable as a means to reduce calving difficulty.

Birth weight, like any other trait, is controlled by two basic components: genetics and environment. Although environmental factors such as nutrition and season of the year play important roles in determining calf birth weight, research has shown that management practices to control calf birth weight through these factors have little appreciable impact on calving difficulty.


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