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Converting Mobile Games into PC Games

Converting Mobile Games into PC Games

Posted on September 12, 2016  in Converting Mobile Games

Can we convert mobile games into PC games? If possible, how to do it? The first thing we have to know is that Mobile games are created based on Java technology. We also have to understand that mobile Java games are self-contained JAR files, which means that it contains Java application function. It also means that we need .Class files to run the applications or games. The JAR files can be operated on a PC natively when you have installed Java Virtual Machine. However, if you do not have the application, you can convert JAR files to EXE files using converter software that will allow you to run the game on PC easily.

Converting Mobile Games into PC Games

Here are what you need to do to convert mobile games into PC games:


  • The first thing is downloading a conversion program from the internet and then install it on the computer. One of the programs that can be used is the JAR2EXE Converter. This program is one of the most popular options and including the best.


  • Next, transfer the JAR files from the device or mobile phones to the PC using data cable. The JAR file can be downloaded from the internet. Open the JAR to EXE conversion program with computer. Next, choose the JAR file you want to convert. You can do it by clicking “Browse” or “…” button on the PC. Choose an output directory for the converted files to go to. Do it by clicking the “Browse” or “…” button once again. Click “Compile” or “Start Conversion” to convert the JAR file to EXE file.


  • Last, browse to the directory where you stored the files and then click the EXE file to run the game. It will allow you to run the game as well as test the conversion. With it, you can make sure that the conversion you have done works properly. If it did, you will find the game runs in a PC and you can play it there.


Converting mobile games into PC games does not need special skills on computer. But, you need to use special software, which is JAR to EXE Conversion.