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Improving PC Game Speed

Improving PC Game Speed

Posted on September 14, 2016  in Game PC, Improving PC Game Speed

There is one major difference between PC gaming and console gaming. If console game will run only on console, PC game does not work on every PC. It happens because of some factors, the hardware of the computer, the software and the settings of the game itself. If one of those factors is affecting the PC negatively, you may find that the PC runs choppy and sluggishly. There are some techniques you can do to fix it and make the PC game runs smoother and faster.

Improving PC Game Speed

The first technique is upgrading the hardware. CPU, video card and RAM are three components that will work hard when you play PC game. You may need to upgrade one of those components to find a smoother and faster gameplay. You can also upgrade the video card drivers. Video card manufacturers often release drivers that will help improve the functionality of the card. In some occasions, the drivers target specific games to increase the frame-per-second or FPS. You can upgrade the video card drivers by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

You can try to increase the speed of the game by lowering the graphics options. Most games have a number of graphics settings that can be customized based on user’s needs. You just need to turn off some settings, such as anti-aliasing or shadows to increase the speed of the game.

Close other applications before you open the game. PC game requires as much of PC’s resources as it can get. If you operate some program in the background, the game may be unable to access the full resources that will make it slow and choppy.

Make sure that the computer case is clean. We have to tell you that dust can cause cooling devices and fans work improperly and affecting the hardware to run slowly. Another effort you must try is installing anti-virus scanner because both malware and virus can bring a detrimental effect to the hardware.

Last tip you can do to improve the speed of your PC game is plugging the PC into a wired internet connection. Wireless connection often brings weak network, while wired connection can provide high speed connection.