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Play PC Games on PSP

Play PC Games on PSP

Posted on September 13, 2016  in Play PC Games on PSP

If you can find and use the right software, then you can run DOS-based PC games on play Station Portable or PSP. We have to tell you that to install, download and install the software does not need any special skills on computing. Once you have setup your Play Station Portable properly, the only thing you have to do is just saving the games on your portable game console and start the correct program.

Play PC Games on PSP

The first step you need to do if you want to play PC games on PSP is downloading the free program DosBox for PSP. You need to save the program on the PSP memory stick on the “GAMES” directory. Insert the memory stick in your computer’s memory stick slot or conduct the PSP with the PC through the Mini-USB cable, which is provided by the manufacturer. Open the memory stick or PSP with Windows Explorer and then navigate to the “GAMES” directory.


Next, you need to install the games you want to play on PSP. If the PC game install wizard requires where you want to put the game, you need to direct it to the “GAMES” directory on the PSP’s memory stick. It is important to make a new folder within the directory, where all of the games you want to play will be stored.


Disconnect the PSP from the PC and insert the memory stick into the Play Station Portable. Start the PSP and open the “MEMORY STICK”, which is located on the main menu. Search for “DosBox” and then start the program.


You need to type “cd/games” with the PSP’s virtual keyboard at the DOS prompt. To bring up the virtual button, hit the circle button. Type “cd/” followed by the name of the game directory. Last, type the name of the executable file or “exe.” Listed in the directory. At this moment, the game should start.


Troubleshoot the individual PC game by experimenting with the various game controls. Because Play Station Portable has fewer inputs than computer’s mouse and keyboard, you may have to use trial and error to know how to play the game on your PSP.